A simple recipe for innovation

Earlier this week, I attended a TEDx conference, sponsored by Airbus

There were several speakers. A few now-famous TED talk videos were shown.

One presentation really stood out. An economist named Martin Klettke, now working for Airbus, illustrated his approach to innovation.

An economist? Innovate? In a technical, aerospace environment? Blasphemy.

It’s not hard if you’re Martin Klettke.

It’s not hard if you dare to think differently.

Here are some of Martin’s one-liners that have stuck in my head every since:

  1. Fail early.
  2. Fail forward.
  3. Stay hungry.
  4. Stay foolish.
  5. Think like a child.
  6. Dare to think like your customer. (And, I dare to add: Keep thinking like your customer does.)

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