Aerospace Nation is a site not just about aircraft or spacecraft, but about the people that do them, and the effort that goes into them. The site was started by me, David Kimbell. I’ve been an engineer for a quarter of a century, and while I’ve worked several jobs in several industries, aerospace has always been the most interesting one for me. I well remember, as a 3-year-old, standing on the perimeter of the municipal airport in Ancienne Lorette, QuĂ©bec, watching Air Canada Viscounts and Vanguards spooling up for take-off, I was transfixed by flying machines then, and I still am today.

A parallel motive for creating this website was to educate those on the outside looking in, and thinking of getting in. It can often look glamourous and awe-inspiring from the outside. The reality is different.. I want to make sure you get one insider’s view of what it’s really like.

Many sites that attempt to educate interested people have vested interests. They want you to pay lots of money to come study at their university. They want you to come work for them, because they don’t pay their people very well and they’re desperately short of skilled staff.

I have no such vested interest.

When not watching flying specks in the sky above me, I work as a freelance aerospace systems engineer, practice Tae Kwon Do, watch John Myung and Jaco Pastorius clips on Youtube, and pretend I can play bass as well as they do/did.

If there is anything you think we should be doing with this site, please email [email protected]. I’ll see what can be done.


– By David Kimbell

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