Entry level engineering jobs

Entry level engineering jobs in aerospace pose the same obstacles for aspiring aerospace engineers as they do for anyone.

Hiring employers want to see evidence of experience, and an eager and optimistic attitude.

As a newly minted engineer, you might have some of the latter, but you have none of the former.

I remember being in that situation.

Not fun. Daunting.

Here’s the thing. You have two advantages that I didn’t have.

(1) The aerospace industry has a recruitment problem. Work forces are ageing, and near retirement. Companies are desperately looking for young, skilled workers whom they can retain for the long haul. That wasn’t the case when I was newly graduated.
(2) It is now easier than ever to launch your own hobby or project, publicize it online, attract participants online, even attract funding online (via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc)

In short, it is now possible to take a little initiative and create your own entry level engineering job, without spending much money. You might even make a little money. (You might even make a lot – though I have not heard of many aerospace examples of this yet.)

An aerospace project, documented by a website and Youtube videos, looks very impressive to aerospace companies.

I will, as I learn of them, post links to entry level engineering jobs on this page.

But I encourage you not sit back any wait for the work to come to you. Create your own work. The money (with or without a full-time permanent job) will follow.

One more thing:

Don’t just look for full-time, permanent, entry level engineering jobs.

Many companies now prefer to hire new staff as contractors for fixed periods of time. It’s a way for them to get new staff in and evaluate their suitability at minimal expense. For you, it can be a great way of building up your CV, gaining experience, and also evaluating the firm as a possible employer.

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