Happy Birthday! And a Question

I never was very good at keeping track of birthdays.

Aerospace Nation is a year old! In fact, it was a year old last month.

Applause, please! (Clap, clap, clap . . . . . )

Over the last year, the site has been launched, dropped (for several months, due to personal circumstances), relaunched, re-themed, and visited over 6000 times, including over 300 in one day (which made my jaw drop, because I hadn’t posted anything new for several days – Whoever was responsible for that, thank you!)

Indeed, to all of you who have visited, to all who have commented or emailed . . . . . Thank you. You have made the site a success.

I’ve sought to write material that helps 21st Century professionals forge a successful and satisfying career wherever you are, with a particular slant towards those working in aerospace.

In all of that material, I’ve had to make guesses at what your situation and problems were. Educated guesses, because I know the industry inside out. But still guesses.

So for my sake as well as yours, I’d like to turn the microphone over to you.

What are your biggest obstacles? Hassles? Frustrations?

I’d like to know. (Might not be able to solve them. But I’d like to address them.)

Please tell me in a comment.

(Though please keep it simple, short, and clean. The usual unwritten rules of etiquette and decency apply. If you want to rant, do so on your own blog.)

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