Mobile devices will disrupt aerospace

Check this link out. It’s Bill Gross’ assessment of the impact of mobile devices on how we live, and associated business opportunities.

I hear you ask: What on earth does this have to do with aerospace?

Well, as regards military aerospace, or general aviation, it’s not immediately obvious. Possibly not much.

But as regards commercial aerospace, the implications are huge.

It’s already possible to arrange all the significant (and many of the insignificant) details of our lives directly from a mobile phone or tablet. By the end of this decade, all the more so.

I now don’t need to go to work, to the shops, to my friends, to my places of worship and community.

They all come to me. Wherever I am.

I only need to go to places that give me a better experience than I get on my own.

Places that don’t give me a better experience . . . . . . I’m just not going to go.

Have the commercial aerospace market forecasters taken this into account, I wonder?

I can see this trend spelling the end of the Low Cost Carriers (LCC), and any airline that doesn’t treat me like I matter much to them.

Queuing, crowded terminals and waiting lounges, abrasive airline staff . . . . . . Bah. Don’t need ’em.

I’d rather take the train. Or boat.

It takes longer? That’s OK. I’ll be able to stretch out, take a stroll, meet some cool people, eat better food, maybe work out, no headache from the decompression, no elbowing my neighbour . . . . . . And oh yeah, I’ll get more work done on my tablet.

And enjoy the journey a whole lot more.

Th current business model of commercial aerospace is all based on the assumption that people won’t wait to go places. They want to get there NOW.

Because time is money, right?

Not for much longer.

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