Rewrite-the-Rules should go hand in hand with Simplify-the-Bureaucracy

The FAA will soon, it appears, be simplifying the complex, bureaucratic Part 23 process for certifying general aviation aircraft.

Fantastic! Bravo. Applause, clap, clap, clap . . . .

Long overdue. I can only hope that it revitalises a dying industry, and encourages new free thinkers, and old free thinkers who left in frustration, to go back to the drawing board (CAD station?) and start designing new aircraft.

Two questions:

(1) Is EASA listening?

Sure hope so. Indeed, why isn’t EASA blazing this trail?

(2) How about Part 25 next?

Begging yer pardon, folks. But when roughly one-third of the non-recurring cost of a new aircraft programme is purely due to the paperwork and processes required to certify the aircraft, that’s too much bureaucracy.

Commercial aircraft are complex machines. Flying cities, if you will.

But surely Keep-it-simple-stupid‘s first cousin is named Keep-it-as-simple-as-possible.

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