See? Meetups work! Stuff happens!

Just thought I’d do a quick follow-up to my last post, in which I was plugging the value of attending live events, like meetups.

Just last night, we had the first local event in the South West Aerospace Hackers meet-up. That’s one that I jointly kicked off, literally just a week ago, having publicized the meetup on and elsewhere, and on LinkedIn. Have already had about 20 people register, and 10 people show up, just a week.

There was a really really good buzz in the room. We met in a local watering hole. Good buzz! Lots of talk, lot of frustrations shared. People started to plot, and hatch ideas for how they can rejig, replan their own careers, but also other projects and initiatives. Lots of good stuff shared there. The next event is already scheduled for about a month away.

And I guess I’m sharing all this just by way of encouragement really. Wherever you are, you’re probably nowhere close to me (if you were one the ones that was there last night, thanks very much for coming out!), but for most of you, you’re probably a long way away:

Start your own meetup.

You don’t have to do it under the banner of any big professional organization. You can just be a bunch of guys that literally start hanging out, you happen to have a shared interest in aerospace, or something even related aerospace.

Start your own meetup, and start bouncing ideas off of each other. Plotting.

That’s how industries can get reinvented, and, God knows, aerospace needs reinventing.

So I share that by way of encouragement, and if you happen to live somewhere not too far from me in the Bristol area, South West of England, South Wales, please come on out to this one.

If you’re nowhere close, start your own. I’d be happy to help you in whatever way I can, from where I am here.

Good luck with it. Hope it works.

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