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A student’s take on studying aerospace

It’s time for another guest post!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that there was a sudden spike of traffic on this site. Well here is the guy who was probably responsible for it. Seems he liked the site, so he told a few friends, who told a few friends, who told . . . . . .

I quickly found myself chatting online with a very switched-on graduate student named Ilhan Akcay. We agreed that he should write a post.

This will obviously be of interest mainly to those approaching or in their university years, and less to those who are post- university. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for his writing this post. Now that I’m in the second half of my ball game, my memories are bound to be a little hazy, and times and technology have changed a lot.

Here is Ilhan’s take on what it’s like to actually do a course of study in aerospace engineering.

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