Take advantage of two recent recruiting trends

If you’re hunting for your next job or contract, here are two new developments to keep your eye on:

1. Job listing apps for mobile phones and tablets.

Engineer-Jobs in the US have their own iPhone/iPad app, providing listings of their open positions. For the UK market, Morson Group have just recently launched their own version. You can filter the listings for location and industry, and save the searches.

One irritating thing about the Morson app is that if you run a saved search yielding zero results, the app abruptly throws you out;  you have to re-enter and go through the whole process again. NuisanceIt also won’t rotate as you tilt the iPad around.

However, these irritants are minor. Top marks to these firms for making it easier to get relevant job search information to the people that can help them seal the deal.  Far too many job listing sites are mobile-unfriendly, and build the site for their own convenience, not the convenience of the job-seeker.

2. Cut-out-the-middle-man sites.

Engineer-Jobs and Morson won’t like this one at all. In the UK, EmptyLemon’s business model leaves out the recruiting agency entirely. Job listings have come directly from employers, and job-seekers apply directly to the employer.

How prevalent this model becomes remains to be seen. However, EmptyLemon has been going since 2010, and have racked up a serious number of blue-chip clients. I suspect that a lot of these clients are taking a belt-and-braces approach, and using conventional recruiters as well. Whatever it takes, just get the vacancy filled.

I expect more firms like EmptyLemon will spring up, to take advantage of job-seekers’ aversion to recruiters. However, they don’t spell the end of the recruiting industry. As long as there are skill shortages, and big companies willing to throw money at the problem, recruiting agents will have demand for their services.

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