Why you should like Requirements Based Engineering

Requirements-Based Engineering (RBE) is simply an exercise in two positive human qualities.

Think about it.

“The system shall do (insert action).”


“The system shall have (insert characteristic quality or detail).”

This is simply detailing to your supplier, your colleagues (and yourself) what you want.

As you add rationale, assumptions, additional information, and traceability, you are explaining why you want it, providing a context, and appealing to a higher authority for justification.

It’s an exercise in two positive human behaviours: Honesty. And diligence.

It’s also hard work.

Because, as Steve Jobs opined at times, we’re Oh, so good at detailing what we don’t want.

But detailing what we do want?

Ah. That’s hard work.

So we try to avoid it. And move on to the sexier work.

That’s why I’m always a bit suspicious when I hear things like, “We’re too busy to do requirements. There are programme deadlines, y’know? We’ll do the requirements when the design is finished.”

Cart before horse. That individual (or more likely, company) is simply shirking hard work.

It should really be RBB and RBL.

Requirements-Based Business.

Requirements-Based Life.

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